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Due to the great impact of land, sea and air freight in the field of transportation of goods and passengers, and given the speedy and interlacing relationships between transport process parties due to the fact of differing laws between the shipping country and the country of discharge, and the presence of several models for transport contracts, the legal business we offer gains major importance in this field. Therefore, we provide legal services to all companies operating in the field of air, sea and land transport, travel, tourism, transport, and air, sea and land clearance. Following are some of our most important legal works in the field of transport:

  • Providing legal advice on transport operations for companies and entities engaged in maritime, air and land transport and via pipelines.
  • Our legal services also cover, the various kinds of public and private transport companies (freight and passenger), terminals and ports operators, shipping companies and mediation companies, vessel lessors and lessees, aircraft and other means of transport in addition to goods shipping and receiving companies.
  • Representation of the owners and charterers of vessels and freight agencies on various legal issues related to companies, transactions and responsibility.
  • Providing legal advice on the implementation of various kinds of transport contracts, such as vessels, aircrafts and land-transport charters, mortgage, finance, shipping contracts, shipbuilding contracts and disputes arising therefrom.
  • Providing legal services on airline operation rights, claims of breaching aviation laws, ownership, and disposition of aircraft.
  • Following up various claims arising among transport contracting parties and the settlement of disputes relating thereto..