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The energy industry is constantly facing changes with environmental challenges and demand-driven challenges. Our legal experience extends to all energy technicalities, starting with plants powered by coal, by thermal gas, by water, by hydroelectric power, and by electric power projects. We have the experience for each stage of the project, starting from the development stage of the plant, its establishment, to final production. Therefore, our firm represents different people, organizations and companies relevant to the various branches of energy, such as electricity, electricity generation, oil, natural gas, and other productive and assistant activities in the manufacturing process. The following are some of our most prominent services in this area:

  • Representation of our clients in all issues, performing all legal procedures related to energy issues before all judicial and administrative authorities, and amicably and judicially settling disputes relating to energy activities.
  • Providing advice to our clients in light of the current energy laws regulating this activity, and extrapolation of the expected future laws that will affect the course of this activity.
  • Providing legal advice on negotiating commercial contracts for generating, sending, distribution, and supply of electric power, energy co-production contracts, and concluding agreements on joint operation at the international level.